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Phosphorus Removal by Silage Corn in Southern Idaho

Moore, Amber and Hines, Steve and Brown, B. and de Haro Marti, Mario and Falen, Christi and Chahine, Mireille and Fife, Tianna and Norell, Rick and Ippolito, J.A. (2010) Phosphorus Removal by Silage Corn in Southern Idaho. University of Idaho. p. 1,4. 2 pp.

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Corn silage is the predominant crop in Idaho used for
recovering phosphorus (P) that has accumulated in soils
from dairy manure applications. However, little is known
about how much P and other nutrients are being recov-
ered under Idaho conditions. The objective of the study
is to estimate P removal by irrigated corn silage crops
cultivated throughout southern Idaho with variable soil
test P concentrations, and to identify effects of increasing soil test P on tissue concentrations of P and on plant
P uptake.

Forty-two different corn silage fields in 2008 and
2009 were selected throughout southern Idaho for soil
and whole plant sampling at harvest. Soils were ana-
lyzed for Olsen P, plant tissue was measured for total P
content, and dry and wet yields were calculated based
on field weights and drying of plant tissue.

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