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Soil genesis and development, lesson 3: Soil forming factors

Ippolito, J.A. and Mamo, M. and Kettler, T. and Reuter, R. and McCallister, D.L. and Morner, P. and Soester, J, (2009) Soil genesis and development, lesson 3: Soil forming factors. Journal of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Education. 38:239.

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This lesson explores the five major factors of
soil formation—(1) climate, (2) organisms, (3) time, (4)
topography, and (5) parent material—and their influence
in forming soil. The distinction between active and passive
factors, moisture and temperature regimes, organism and
topographic influences, and parent material sources are
At the completion of this lesson, students will be able to do
the following:
1. Identify the five factors of soil formation.
2. Explain the effects of each of the factors on soil
3. Explain how types of parent material differ in terms
of mode of deposition and degree of sorting.
The lesson is written to target educational needs of lower-level
undergraduate students and is available for use by the
public and educational institutions.

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