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Estimating evapotranspiration from solar radiation

Jensen, Marvin E. and Haise, Howard R. (1963) Estimating evapotranspiration from solar radiation. Proceedings for the American Society of Civil Engineering Journal of Irrigation Drain Division. 89:15-41.

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Studies conducted throughout the world have shown that evaportranspiration
(consumptive use) by crops like grass in humid and semihumid areas can be
predicted adequately for short time periods by using an energy balance approach.
Methods for estimating seasonal evapotranspiration in irrigated areas
of the western United States developed during the 1920 to 1950 period, used
mean air temperature as the primary climatic variable even though studies
by L. J. Briggs and H. L. Shantz 1. showed solar radiation to be the primary
causative factor in transpiration. Numerous attempts have been made during
the past 15 yr to adapt these seasonal estimating methods to short periods of
time, such as a week or 10 days. The results of these studies have generally
indicated, that other meteorological variables must be used if reliable short
period estimates are to be obtained.

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