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Sinking Float-Operated Irrigation Gate

Humpherys, A.S. (1965) Sinking Float-Operated Irrigation Gate. Patent No. 3,208,225.

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The invention described in this disclosure is the principle of a
sinking float used to control irrigation structures together with four
typical self-operating gates which utilize this principle for their
operation. One of the gates is an automatic check used to dam or stop
the flow of water at a predetermined time in an irrigation ditch. This
causes the water level in the ditch to rise and allows water to flow onto
the farm field. The other three structures are border inlet gates which
automatically control the flow of water from the head ditch into a border
or set of furrows. With a series of these gates used in combination with
each other and other check gates, a field may be irrigated automatically
a portion at a time. The farmer is required only to turn water into the
ditch and to turn it off again after the irrigation is completed. After
each irrigation the gates automatically reset themselves so as to be
ready for the next irrigation.

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