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Sprinkler pattern analysis for center pivot irrigation

Kincaid, Dennis C. (1996) Sprinkler pattern analysis for center pivot irrigation. Irrigation Business and Technology. August 1996. pp. 14-15. The Irrigation Association.

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Users of center pivot and lateral move
irrigation systems now have
a wide array of sprinkler packages
from which to choose, including the
traditional overhead impact sprinklers,
various types of spray heads and the
LEPA-type furrow emitters. The original
spray heads used simple, smooth or serrated
fixed deflection plates. Recently, rotating
plate or wobble-plate spray heads have
been developed, combining the advantages
of spray heads and rotating sprinklers
— medium-size pattern radius, good
pattern shape and medium-size droplets
at medium to low pressures (10 to 30 psi).

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