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Seed treatments for control of root rots in spring wheat in Bonneville County, ID, 2004

Strausbaugh, C.A. and Koehn, A.C. (2005) Seed treatments for control of root rots in spring wheat in Bonneville County, ID, 2004. Fungicide and Nematode Tests. 60:p. ST002. Available:

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The trial was established in a commercial dryland field with 6 in. standing stubble in Bonneville County, ID. The field
had been cropped to wheat and barley in the preceding years using a one pass Case IH ATX Concord direct seed drill. The
soil type was a Tetonia silt loam classified as a coarse -silty, mixed, calcic, pachic cryoboroll with a pH of 6.3 and 2.6%
organic matter. Experimental units (5 x 30 ft) were arranged in a randomized complete block design with 4 replicates.
Fungicide seed treatments were applied as a slurry (18.4 fl oz/100 lb seed) on 9 Apr at rates indicated in the table. Seed for
the check plots was only treated with water. Seeds were planted at 60 lb/A on 27 Apr with a direct-seed drill with Conserva
Pak openers. The openers placed the fertilizer (75 lb/A N, 25 lb/A P 2O5 , and 16 lb/A S) 1.5 in. below the seed in a one-pass
operation. The weeds and volunteer wheat were controlled by a 10 fl oz/A Round-up treatment on 25 Apr and a 0.3 oz/A
application of Ally Extra on 21 May. Stand counts were recorded on 21 May at Feekes growth stage 1 (3 leaves). Fifteen
plants per experimental unit were dug on 6 Jul at Feekes growth stage 10.1 to 10.5 (late boot to flowering) and rated for root
diseases. Root disease severity was established by placing the plants into the following categories: 0 = none, 1 = trace, 2 =
slight, 3 = moderate, and 4 = severe. Plots were harvested 29 Sept with a small plot combine. Yield and test weight were
determined. Data were analyzed using the general linear models procedure (Proc GLM) in SAS. Fisher's Protected LSD was
used for mean comparisons.

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