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Nitrogen placement, row spacing, and furrow irrigation water positioning effects on corn yield

La Colocación de nitrógeno, Espaciamiento de Hileras, y Efectos del Posicionamiento del Agua de irrigación en Surcos en la Producción de Maíz

Lehrsch, Gary A. and Sojka, R.E. and Westermann, D.T. (2000) Nitrogen placement, row spacing, and furrow irrigation water positioning effects on corn yield. Agronomy Journal. 92:1266-1275.

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Furrow irrigation often leaches NO3-N. We hypothesized that
banding and sidedressing N fertilizer on a non-irrigated side of a
corn (Zea mays L.) row would maintain yield and decrease NO3-N
leaching. In a 2-yr field study in southern Idaho on a Portneuf silt
loam (coarse silty, mixed, superactive, mesic Durinodic Xeric Haplocalcid),
we evaluated the effects of (i) N placement (broadcast vs.
banded), (ii) row spacing (0.76 m vs. a modified 0.56 m), and (iii)
irrigation water positioning (applying water to the same side or alternating
sides of a row with successive irrigations) on field corn yield
and N uptake. We irrigated every second furrow nine times in 1988 and
seven times in 1989. Compared with broadcasting, banding maintained
grain yield in 1988 and increased it by 11% in 1989. Where N was
banded in 0.56-m rows in 1989, silage yield when only the non-fertilized
furrow was irrigated was 22.9 Mg ha -1, which was 22% greater than
when alternating furrows were irrigated. Compared with 0.56-m rows,
the 0.76-m rows had no effect on 2-yr average grain yield but tended
to increase 2-yr average silage N. Banding N on one side of a row,
rather than broadcasting, and applying water all season to the furrow
on the other side of the row maintained or increased grain yield,
increased silage yield by up to 26%, and increased N uptake in silage
by up to 21%, particularly from N-depleted profiles. Applying water
to the same furrow, rather than alternating furrows, did not reduce
yield or N uptake.

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