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Management practices and sugar end potatoes

Westermann, Dale T. (1993) Management practices and sugar end potatoes. Pacific Northwest Extension No. 427. University of Idaho Cooperative Extension Service, Moscow, Idaho 83843. 2 pp.

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French fries processed from sugar end potatoes become
undesirably dark on one end while remaining
light on the other (fig. 1). The darkening is usually
caused by a higher concentration of reducing sugars
in the darkened end of the fry strip. Sugar ends are
associated with tubers that are pointed on the stem
end but also occur in ideally shaped tubers.
"Translucent end," "jelly end," and "sugar end"
describe the same physiological tuber problem. Translucent
end tubers with high levels of sugars develop
jelly end rot after progressive tissue breakdown
occurs. The Russet Burbank variety is particularly
susceptible to sugar end formation when subjected to
water and heat stress.

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