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Phosphorus nutrition of potatoes

Tindall, Terry A. and Westermann, Dale T. and Stark, Jeffrey C. and Ojala, John C. and Kleinkopf, Gale E. (1993) Phosphorus nutrition of potatoes. University of Current Information Series No. 903. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 4 pp.

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Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient required by
potatoes and all other plants. Potato plant roots readily
absorb P in the form of phosphate from the soil ( water)
solution. The absorbed phosphate moves upward
and downward in the plant. Phosphorus-deficient potato
plants transfer P from older tissues to actively growing,
younger tissues.
Symptoms of P deficiency include darker green, stunted,
spindly leaves with younger leaflets that turn upward
or curl. With prolonged deficiency, plants are
small and have reduced leaf area.

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