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Wheat Straw Management and Nitrogen Fertilizer Requirements

Smith, J.H. and LeBaron, M.J. and Douglas, C.L. (1974) Wheat Straw Management and Nitrogen Fertilizer Requirements. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 223. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 3 pp.

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Straw and other crop residues may be an asset or a liability
to the farmer depending upon how they are managed
If plant residues and straw are not managed properly, they
may reduce water infiltration when layered at the plow sole,
clog tillage implements and cause damage to crops during
cultivation. Proper management of straw and other crop
residues can maximize the benefits and minimize the disadvantages.
This publication summarizes several years of
research at Kimberly on straw management and nitrogen
requirements of crops grown in association with straw residues

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