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Controlling Soil Crusting with Phosphoric Acid

Robbins, C.W. and Carter, D.L. and Leggett, G.E. (1972) Controlling Soil Crusting with Phosphoric Acid. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 187. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 2 pp.

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Soil crusting is often a serious problem in obtaining
adequate and uniform sugarbeet stands in many areas of
Idaho. Poor stands often necessitate reseeding or seeding
to another crop.
A promising method has been developed to prevent
soil crusting on the Panned soil series in southern Idaho.
Agricultural grade phosphoric acid, which is available
through many liquid fertilizer outlets, is diluted to 12-
24% -phosphoric acid solution, and sprayed in 3-inch
bands on the seeded sugarbeet row directly behind the
planter. The chemical reactions between the soil components
and the acid prevent the soil in the bands from
crusting, but do not injure the seedlings.

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