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Applying Nitrogen Through Continuously Moving Sprinkler Systems

Smith, J. Hamilton and Pair, Claude H. and Douglas, Clyde L. (1969) Applying Nitrogen Through Continuously Moving Sprinkler Systems. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 105. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 2 pp.

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Sprinkler irrigation is an excellent way of
fertilizing agricultural crops. With fixed sprinkler
systems, high concentrations of fertilizer can
be applied in a short time and washed off the
leaves so that no leaf burn results. However,
when self-propelled irrigation systems such as
the center-pivot, self-propelled laterals, or other
single or multiple sprinkler systems are used,
fertilizer must be fed into the sprinkler system
continuously to obtain maximum uniformity of
fertilization. There is no opportunity to wash the
fertilizer from the plant leaves. Therefore, a study
was conducted to determine the nitrogen-fertilizer
concentrations that can be applied without
damage to plants.

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Subjects: Irrigation > Sprinkler irrigation
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