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Insecticide Tests for Control of the Western Bean Cutworm

Blickenstaff, C.C. and Peckenpaugh, R.E. (1981) Insecticide Tests for Control of the Western Bean Cutworm. USDA Science & Education Administration - Agricultural Research Results No. ARR-W-21. 31 pp.

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Little has been published on insecticidal control of the western
bean cutworm on beans and corn. This report summarizes results of
tests in southern Idaho from 1950 to 1980. Of 53 chemicals tested in
the laboratory, 24 showed effectiveness approximately equal to or
better than DDT or carbaryl, which were used as standards. Of 26 materials
applied as sprays to beans with ground equipment, 7 that were
tested most extensively indicate effectiveness equal to or better than
carbaryl, and 9 tested less extensively .indicate a high degree of effectiveness.
Of those materials applied by air to sweet corn, permethrin
provided almost perfect control, Three formulations of carbaryl did
not differ significantly in performance in individual tests, but the
newer formulations appear to be an improvement. The efficacy of insecticides
decreased with delay in time of application in relation to peak
moth flight due to a combination of increased size of larvae and increased
foliage density.

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