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Mineral imbalances and animal health: A management puzzle

Mayland, Henry F. and Hankins, Juley L. (2001) Mineral imbalances and animal health: A management puzzle. Station Bulletin No. 73. Idaho Forest, Wildlife and Range Experiment Station, University of Idaho, Moscow. 8 pp.

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All animals, including humans, need nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and water
to survive. Some of us, knowing that we do not get proper amounts of
nutrients in our foods, take multivitamins to complete our diets and meet our
vitamin and mineral needs. Livestock producers generally provide mineral
supplements to meet the dietary requirements of
their stock. We know that deficiencies in
certain minerals can cause health problems. For
example, low calcium intake causes thin and
brittle bones. But, what if a person who
consumed adequate amounts of calcium was also
ingesting something else that "tied up" that
calcium? The result would be brittle bones and
would place an unaware person at risk. As
livestock owners, would we know if there were
mineral imbalances in what we feed our animals?

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