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Irrigation uniformity

King, Bradley A. and Stark, Jeffrey C. and Kincaid, Dennis C. (2000) Irrigation uniformity. University of Idaho College of Agriculture Bulletin No. 824. 11 pp.

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Increasing production efficiency
is becoming a major theme for
producers in order to maintain
or increase their economic return in
an increasingly competitive global
market. In the case of irrigated agriculture,
producers must also address
increasing public concern about water
conservation, water quality, and
environmental protection.
Two irrigation management issues
require attention in order to maximize
production efficiency. These
are irrigation scheduling and irrigation
uniformity. Irrigation scheduling
involves determining the proper
amount and timing of water applications
throughout the growing season.
Proper irrigation scheduling results in
irrigation applications that supply the
water needs of the crop without the
development of deficit or excess soil
moisture conditions.

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