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A Bibliography of Publications in the Field of Saline and Sodic Soils (though 1964)

Carter, D.L. (1966) A Bibliography of Publications in the Field of Saline and Sodic Soils (though 1964). USDA-ARS No. 41-80. 57 pp.

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Two useful aids in literature review are subject matter review
articles and bibliographies. Unfortunately, there are few of either
of these aids in the field of soil science.

This bibliography resulted from a systematic search and review
of the literature concerning saline and sodic soils. Early in the
search it was learned that grouping published papers under various
headings was advantageous. This grouping necessitated listing some
of the references more than once.

This bibliography does not include all papers published on the
subject of saline and sodic soils. Certainly, the author's search of
the literature has not guided him to all publications. Many foreign
papers are not included, since access to foreign literature was
limited. However, the references given in this bibliography should
guide interested research scientists to most published information on
saline and sodic soils up through 1964.

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