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Plant nutrient content and animal health issues

Contenido de Nutrientes de Plantas y Problemas de Salud Animal

Mayland, H.F. (1999) Plant nutrient content and animal health issues. pp. 67-80. In: Proc. 34th Annual Meeting Pacific Northwest Animal Nutrition Conference. USA-OR-Portland, 1999/10/12-14.

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The list of mineral elements necessary for
livestock growth is similar to that for plants. It
includes K, Ca, Mg, P, S, Cl in relatively large
concentrations, as well as the trace minerals Co, Cu,
Fe, Mn and Zn. Animals, but not plants, also require
Na, Se, and I. Several interactions important to animal
health exist. High concentrations of K will reduce Mg
and Ca uptake by plants and animals increasing the risk
of grass tetany in animals. Interactions of Cu, Mo,
and S reduce bioavailability of Cu to animals. High
concentrations of S reduce bioavailability of Se to

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