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Potassium management of Russet Burbank potatoes in southern Idaho

Westermann, D.T. and Tindall, T.A. (1995) Potassium management of Russet Burbank potatoes in southern Idaho. pp. 94-100. In: Tindall, T.A. (ed.) Proc. Western Nutrient Management Conference, Vol. 1. USA-UT-Salt Lake City, 1995/03/09-10. Potash & phosphate Institute, Manhattan, KS.

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Historical soil test information for southern Idaho surface soils (0-12") shows that
extractable K concentrations declined from 400-plus ppm in the late 1960's to 100-200 ppm
today. Potatoes, silage corn, and alfalfa can remove nearly 400 lbs K/A-yr when high yields
are achieved. Many irrigation waters contain 28-56 lbs/A-ft soluble K which is not sufficient
to maintain soil test K concentrations with high K removal rates.

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