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Using weighing lysimeters to develop evapotranspiration crop coefficients

Wright, James L. (1991) Using weighing lysimeters to develop evapotranspiration crop coefficients. pp. 191-199. In: Allen, R.G. and Howell, T.A. and Pruitt, W.O. and Walter, I.A. and Jensen, M.E. (eds.) Proc. of the International Symposium on Lysimetry. USA-HI-Honolulu, 1991/07/23-25. ASCE, 345 E. 47th St., New York, NY 10017-2398.

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Weighing lysimeters provide an accurate means of measuring evapotranspiration
(ET), the evaporative loss of water from growing crops. Two weighing lysimeters were
installed at a research site near Kimberly, ID, and have been used during the past 20
years to measure the ET of the major irrigated crops of the region. Results were used
in developing functional relationships and coefficients for use with the reference ET-crop
coefficient approach for estimating crop ET from meteorological, crop and soil data.
Examples of the use of meteorologically determined alfalfa reference ET and
lysimetrically measured crop ET for the development of mean and basal crop coefficients
are presented. Encountered problems and some successfully used solutions are

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