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Trace mineral nutrition of ruminants on forage based systems

Mayland, H.F. (1986) Trace mineral nutrition of ruminants on forage based systems. p. 7. In: Proceedings of Montana Livestock Nutrition Conference. 1986/01/30-31.

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Sheep and cattle are complex biological factories. Outputs or
products from these factories may be meat, milk, wool, developing fetus,
etc. The inputs or raw products going into the system include oxygen,
water, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Production can be
slowed down when any of the operating inputs is out of balance.

Some minerals are required in relatively large amounts and are known
as the major elements. Others are required in much smaller amounts and
generally function in various enzymatic reactions in the body. Minerals in
this last group are referred to as trace elements and include cobalt (Co),
copper (Cu), iron (Fe), iodine (I), manganese (Mn), selenium (Se), zinc
(Zn), and molybdenum (Mo).

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