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How Scheduling Fits in the Irrigation Program in the Grand Valley of Colorado

Boesch, Brice E. and Humpherys, Allan S. and Young, David (1981) How Scheduling Fits in the Irrigation Program in the Grand Valley of Colorado. pp. 159-165. In: Proc. Am. Soc. Agric. Engr. Irrig. Scheduling Conf. 1981/12.

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The Grand Valley is an irrigated area of about 26,000 hectares (65,000 acres)
adjacent to the Colorado River near Grand Junction, Colorado (Soil Conservation
Service 1977). Grand Junction is near the Colorado-Utah border due west
of Denver, Colorado.

Implementation of the on-farm Grand Valley Salinity Control Program was initiated
in January 1979. The program is authorized under Title II of Public
Law 93-320. The purpose of this law is "to authorize certain works in the
Colorado River Basin to control the salinity of water delivered to users in
the United States and Mexico." Title I of Public Law 93-320 authorized certain
works of improvement below Imperial Dam in southwestern Arizona. Some
of these works of improvement have been completed or are under construction
(Strand et al 1981). Title II of Public Law 93-320 authorized construction
of four upstream projects on the Colorado River and studies on twelve additional
projects. The Grand Valley Program is one of the four authorized
projects. About 1.7 million dollars per year of U.S. Government funds have
been used since 1979 to cost-share the installation of on-farm irrigation

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