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A Survey of the Nutrient Status of Beans Grown in Southern Idaho

Leggett, G.E. and Westermann, D.T. and LeBaron, M.J. (1975) A Survey of the Nutrient Status of Beans Grown in Southern Idaho. pp. 131-138. In: Proc. 26th Pac. NW Fert. Conf. USA-UT-Salt Lake City, 1975/07/15-17.

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Approximately 150,000 acres of beans are grown each year in southern
Idaho. Zinc deficiency has been widespread throughout the area and is
the only micronutrient deficiency commonly recognized for this crop.
Corrective procedures have been developed (3) and Zn fertilizer is
generally applied to about half of the bean acreage each year. The need
for other micronutrients is continually questioned by growers and fieldmen,
but deficiencies have not been found by field observation or plant
analysis. A survey of the micronutrient status of beans grown in the
area was conducted to determine (a) the general micronutrient status of
the crop and (b) to delineate areas and conditions showing possible
deficiencies or excesses of the various elements.

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