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Irrigation (agriculture)

Lentz, R.D. (1995) Irrigation (agriculture). In: McGraw Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology - 1996. pp. 162-165. McGraw-Hill Inc., New York.


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Agricultural erosion research has focused primarily on rainfall-induced soil loss. but erosion losses associated with surface irrigation practices can be equally severe. Of the estimated 2.5 x 10^8 hectares (6 x 10^8 acres) irrigated worldwide, at least 60% are surface irrigated. In the Pacific Northwest. approximately 1.5 x 10^6 ha (3.7 x 10^6 acres) of the most erosive soils in the United States are surface irrigated. Typically, 5.5-55 tons of soil per hectare per year (5-50 metric tons per acre per year) can be lost from furrow-irrigated fields, and three times that amount from near the furrow inlets at the upper end of fields.

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