Improvement of a Solonetzic (Slick Spot) Soil By Deep Plowing, Subsoiling and Amendments

Rasmussen, W.W. and Moore, D.P. and Alban, L.A. (1972) Improvement of a Solonetzic (Slick Spot) Soil By Deep Plowing, Subsoiling and Amendments. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 36(1):137-142.


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Soil improvement studies, including deep plowing, subsoiling and gypsum treatments, were conducted on an irrigated solonetzic soil association in southeastern Oregon. The unproductive saline-sodic (solonetz-like) soil tentatively classified as Malheur silt loam ( with slick spots ) and described as a Nadurargid, occurs in complexes with normally leached soils of the Nyssa and related soil series. The saline-sodic soils were chemically reclaimed in 3 to 4 years by deep plowing 90-cm deep without gypsum and by deep plowing with gypsum at rates of 18 metric tons/ha (8 tons/acre ) and 36 metric tons/ha (16 tons/acre). Crop yields, water intake rates, and water and root penetration were greatly increased by deep plowing. The soils were moderately improved by 36 metric tons/ha of gypsum alone and by subsoiling with gypsum. Subsoiling without gypsum was not beneficial. The results over a 4-year period indicate that the salt-affected soils were effectively and most economically reclaimed by deep plowing without gypsum. Deep plowing also improved the productivity and physical conditions of the nonsaline associated soils.

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