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Furrow inflow and infiltration variability impacts on irrigation management

Trout, T.J. (1990) Furrow inflow and infiltration variability impacts on irrigation management. Transaction of the ASAE. 33(4):1171-1178.


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Furrow-to-furrow infiltration variability causes nonuniform water absorption rates, furrow stream advance rates, and runoff rates from the furrow tail end. Unevenly set inflow rates to furrows compound these latter two nonuniformities. In order for an irrigator to ensure adequate water advance on a desired portion of furrows, the average inflow rate must be increased. To ensure adequate water application to a desired portion of the furrows, the application time must be extended. Thus, inflow and infiltration variability result in excess water application and reduced irrigation water use efficiency. Models, based on Gaussian distributions of inflow and infiltration, are presented which relate excess furrow irrigation applications to these variabilities

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Subjects: Irrigation > Furrow irrigation > Infiltration
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