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Earthworms and furrow irrigation infiltration

Trout, T.J. and Johnson, G.S. (1989) Earthworms and furrow irrigation infiltration. Transaction of the ASAE. 32(5):1594-1598.


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Infiltration rates into furrows in southcentral Idaho, after decreasing toward a base rate, sometimes increase. The increase is sometimes sufficient to cause tailwater runoff to cease and the furrow stream to recede up the furrow, resulting in poor water distribution. The infiltration increase is caused by earthworms piercing the furrow wetted perimeter during the irrigation allowing water to enter and infiltrate from their extensive burrow system. Low concentrations of aqua ammonia in the irrigation water prevent the infiltration increase, apparently by repelling the worms from the furrows.

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Subjects: Irrigation > Furrow irrigation > Infiltration
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