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The Exchange of Carbon Dioxide Between the Atmosphere and the Plant

Wright, James L. and Lemon, Edgar (1970) The Exchange of Carbon Dioxide Between the Atmosphere and the Plant. Transaction of the ASAE. 13(2):238-239.


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THE aerodynamic technique has been used to determine the vertical transfer of carbon dioxide between the plant community and the atmosphere. It has also been extended to the aerial environment within the plant canopy to study the vertical distribution of the photosynthetic fixation of CO?. The method permits the study of carbon dioxide exchange under field conditions for agricultural crops. Measurements of windspeed, plant canopy characteristics and carbon dioxide concentration distributions are required. The results give the relative importance of the various zones of the plant community in the net photosynthetic fixation of CO? and the diurnal nature of photosynthesis under field conditions as well as immediate response data to environmental conditions. Such information is valuable for developing models of ideal plant morphology, improved planting patterns for efficient light interception and photosynthesis, and for input into simulation programs.

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