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On Deep Soils - Irrigating Alfalfa for Seed Production

Kolar, John J. and Kohl, Robert A. (1976) On Deep Soils - Irrigating Alfalfa for Seed Production. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 357. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 3 pp.


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Growers have found water management to be an important key to successful alfalfa seed production. If a seed crop is irrigated with as much water as a hay crop, seed yields are usually reduced since the physiological processes necessary for optimum flowering, seed set and development are not stimulated. Inadequate water or delayed irrigation also result in lowered yield. General irrigation guidelines developed from past research and grower's experience are available, but efforts to specify optimum soil moisture levels for various soils to maximize seed yields have not been successful.

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Subjects: Irrigated crops > Alfalfa
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