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Scientific Irrigation Scheduling for Salinity Control of Irrigation Return Flows

Jensen, Marvin E. (1975) Scientific Irrigation Scheduling for Salinity Control of Irrigation Return Flows. EPA Report (Technology Series) No. EPA-600/2-75-064. 92 pp.


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A comprehensive review is presented of irrigation water management principles, factors to be considered in improving irrigation water management, leaching requirements, climatological approaches to irrigation scheduling, scope of irrigation scheduling services in 1974, basic concepts of scheduling services, and probable effects of scientific irrigation scheduling on salinity of return flows. A definition of irrigation water management efficiency is presented to evaluate the annual volume of irrigation water used relative to the optimum amount needed for maximum annual crop production or income. The term considers the minimum but essential water needed for both consumptive and nonconsumptive uses. The lack of significant changes in irrigation efficiency during the past several decades is discussed and attributed to problems associated with the management of a complex soil-crop-environment system, a lack of economic incentives to make improvements, and ineffective traditional approaches to improve irrigation water management. New proposed minimal leaching practices are discussed. The author concludes that substantial improvements in irrigation efficiencies can be made before the potential minimal LF is reached on most western irrigated projects. This report was submitted in fulfillment of Interagency Project Number EPA-IAG-D4-F399 by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, under the partial sponsorship of the Environmental Protection Agency. Work was completed as of June 1975.

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Subjects: Irrigation > Irrigation scheduling
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