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Influence of polymer charge type and density on polyacrylamide ameliorated irrigated furrow erosion

Lentz, R.D. and Sojka, R.E. and Carter, D.L. (1993) Influence of polymer charge type and density on polyacrylamide ameliorated irrigated furrow erosion. pp. 161-168. In: IECA Proceedings. Preserving Our Environment - The Race Is On. USA-IN-Indianapolis, 1993/02/23-26.


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Previous experiments have shown that an initial application of 5-10 g m-3 (5-10 ppm) polyacrylamide to furrow irrigation water during flow advance can substantially reduce sediment loss. This study determined polyacrylamide charge type or charge density influences on furrow erosion. The study area was located near Kimberly, Idaho; soil was Portneuf silt loam (coarse-silty, mixed, mesic, Durixerollic Calciorthid); and slope was 1.5%. Polyacrylamides with contrasting charge type (neutral, anionic, cationic) and charge density (0, 8-10, 19-20, 30-35%) were employed in the treatments. Polymers were applied at a concentration of 10 g m-3 (10 ppm) during the initial 30 min of each treated irrigation, and a 10 min additional application was introduced every 4 hrs (twice) during the remainder of the irrigation. Inflow rate was 23 L min-1 (6 gpm) during furrow advance, and 15 L min-1 (4 gpm) for the balance of the irrigation. The nature of charge on the polyacrylamide did influence efficacy of erosion control. On Portneuf soils, the order of effectiveness with respect to PAM charge type was: anionic > neutral > cationic. Within anionic and cationic charge types, polyacrylamide efficacy increased with increasing charge density.

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