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Nutrients in Runoff from a Furrow-Irrigated Field After Incorporating Inorganic Fertilizer or Manure.

Lentz, R.D. and Lehrsch, G.A. (2010) Nutrients in Runoff from a Furrow-Irrigated Field After Incorporating Inorganic Fertilizer or Manure. Journal of Environmental Quality. 39:1402-1415. 02 August 2010.

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    Use of dairy manure to supply crop nutrients is gaining broader acceptance as the cost of fertilizer rises; however, there are concerns regarding manure’s effect on water quality. In 2003 and 2004, we measured sediment, NO3-N, NH4-N, K, dissolved reactive P (DRP), and total P (TP) concentrations in runoff from furrow irrigated field plots (6-7 irrigations/y). Annual treatments included: (M) 13 to 34 Mg/ha stockpiled dairy manure; (F) 78 to 195 kg N/ha inorganic N fertilizer; or (C) control--no amendment. Available N in manure applied each year was similar to amounts applied in fertilizer. Constituent concentrations (mg/L) in runoff ranged widely: sediment, 10 to 50,000; NO3-N, 0 to 4.07; NH4-N, 0 to 2.28; K, 3.6 to 46.4; DRP, 0.02 to 14.3; and TP, 0.03 to 41.5. Fertilizer and manure treatments increased irrigation mean values for NO3-N runoff concentrations (C=0.21, F=0.26, M=0.30 mg/L) and mass losses (C=0.33, F=0.42, M=0.50 kg/ha) relative to controls. Manure treatment also increased mean irrigation runoff DRP (C=0.08, F=0.09, M=0.19 mg/L) and K concentrations (C=0.62, F=0.79, M=1.13 mg/L) compared to controls. Average DRP and K runoff mass losses were 2.0x to 2.4x greater in manure treatments than in controls. Nutrient amendments did not affect season-long cumulative infiltration or seasonal runoff mass losses for sediment or TP. Runoff DRP and inorganic N losses appeared to be influenced more by the timing of the amendment application and environmental conditions, than by the quantity of nutrients applied. Incorporation of nutrients, whether from fertilizer or manure, into furrow irrigated soils can potentially increase nutrient losses in irrigation runoff, depending on the nutrient, amount and timing of application, and whether inorganic fertilizer or manure was applied.

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